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I Just Saved $1 Million in Mistakes Because I Did A FOCUS Group – Learn How To Do One Yourself!

| October 28th, 2019 | by Anik Singal

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Episode Game Plan:

I had a great vision for the Lurn platform but, for whatever reason, the growths were not gone as I had expected.

That’s when I created a “focus group” and did everything I can to fix the leakage.

Had I done this years ago, the Lurn platform would have attracted more loyal customers.

And, this too, builds customer’s trust and confidence.

To get a better appreciation for this concept, watch this episode as I shared my hard-won secrets of using “focus groups” to build the Lurn platform and
grow it.

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Podcast Keynotes:

  1. Why I wasted millions of dollars on creating the Lurn platform. If I had focus groups in the first place, I would have taken the Lurn platform to a higher level.
  2. What is a focus group… and how you should do it correctly to get your business upright and move in a profitable direction.
  3. The exact size and the exact duration of a focus group. You have to get these details down to a T in order to create an accurate outcome.

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