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How to work for an Entrepreneur (Part 2)

| September 16th, 2019 | by Anik Singal

Episode Game Plan:

Working for a startup, is nothing like it is in a traditional big company with a corporate ladder hierarchy that keeps everyone paranoid.

Naturally, many employees are vying for the entrepreneur’s attention.

It’s amazing how some employees have gone from scraping by to dominating the entire department. And they seem to have more flexibility and trust from the entrepreneur.

The results come from the small, but deliberate actions they take every day. It’s a progressive shift away from broken working etiquette’s that keep most employees playing small.

The sad case, however, most employees are living for the dream of “making it” on talent… only to find out that talent is a commodity. Talent without good etiquette will not take an employee far.

In the last episode (part 1), Anik shared 8 ways to skyrocket your career in a startup.

In this episode (part 2), Anik shared with you another 5 unorthodox ways to “program” an employee’s brain to…

  1. Not be a sucky employee to an entrepreneur
  2. Start accelerating their growth and success in a company

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3 Keynotes:

  1. What do you do when you have a big problem that requires the attention of the entrepreneur? Don’t just bring the problem to him/her… Do this one simple thing instead. This is how you can matriculate to the top and find more successes in the company. (6:54)
  2. Step up and do more. Eliminate this statement “I’m running out of works!” from the equation… and you’ll grow faster and get too hot-and-heavy to ignore. (11:22)
  3. The one secret method to turn you into the company’s star… and make you irreplaceable. (17:38)

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