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How Lurn Helped Many Strangers Have Babies & Proved My Dream & Mission

| October 21st, 2019 | by Anik Singal

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Episode Game Plan:

Guess what?

There are things that I, Anik Singal, cannot do.
But as Anik, founder of Lurn, I can do ANYTHING!

In this episode I’m going to tell you the inspirational story of Nurse Rose.

Rose is a nurse facing a huge challenge. A challenge that makes her passionate and angry!

Rose is going to change the world!

And while I cannot help, Lurn can and did!

Lurn educated and empowered Rose to identify her problem, create a solution and change the world!

All while sleeping in her bed and building wealth.

The number of lives that will change from Lurn and Rose is potentially infinite! Listen to Rose’s story and understand the power YOU have to make a lot of money while changing the world!

To Learn more about Rose & her business, visit the website below:



Podcast Keynotes:

  1. Hear the inspirational story of Nurse Rose. (2:22)
  2. How YOU can change the world. (4:45)
  3. What you must do to make your dreams and passions come to life. (6:15)
  4. Turn your passion can change lives who will go on to change other lives and create a domino effect of good will. (6:45)
  5. Building your wealth through identifying a problem and finding a solution which creates value (8:00)

Important Resources!

  1. Join The #LurnNation: Get access to tons of FREE courses. Sign up today!
  2. Follow Anik: Stay connected to Anik and the team here at Lurn.
  3. Watch the Video Podcast: Watch the Video version of the podcast on Youtube!
  4. Rose’s Profile: Learn more about Rose and her story.
  5. Influencer Bootcamp: Take Rose’s FREE course to drive traffic to your business.
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