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How I Am Going To Double The Growth Of Lurn In 2020

| December 23rd, 2019 | by Anik Singal

Episode Game Plan:

In the last few episodes I’ve talked to you about how in the past 16 years, I’ve been through 4 big marketing shifts.

With every new cycle, marketers jump in, they go off and sell it to thousands of people.

Over time the strategy gets old and dies. And with each death of a cycle, marketers leave or fail to adapt, and they don’t survive.

But only a few of us SURVIVE.

We Re-innovate and create the next thing.

It’s because adaptation is essential in an evolving market. Luckily, I have been one of the ones that has survived.

There are 2 Essential Reasons why there is only a handful of us that survived this

  1. The volume of traffic and conversions we manage daily.
    I can test new marketing tactics rapidly & make quicker pivots to maximize revenues and establish loyalty with customers.
  2. My network is worth my net-worth.
    I am very blessed to have some of the most powerful & brightest friends in the world. I can call them. I get a chance to stock them, see what they’re doing.

Most importantly they always open to me about their data. They reveal to me their best & their worst strategies, which helps me fine-tune my marketing systems.

So what if you could have access to these valuable insights, witness cutting-edge marketing strategies before everyone else starts copying them?

What if your company has a competitive edge by modeling a successful business?

What if your company has me, Anik Singal, as your CMO?

How many months would you save, trying to discover and learn these strategies on your own?

Go to to learn how you can become a master marketing ninja

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