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How Google IMPACTS Your Vote For President! – Freedom Friday

| October 25th, 2019 | by Anik Singal

Episode Game Plan:

Google knows a lot of things. The level of detail can be mind-boggling.

And in many cases, it could destroy democracy in the world.

Google is manipulating the world from left to right in very subtle ways. One of the biggest manipulations was the election in 2016.

It was reported that Google had a dramatic bias in its search results favoring Hillary Clinton in 2016…

So, it makes one wonder…

Does Google have preferences? And more importantly…

How will this behavior of Google affect the 2020 election?

Google knows almost everything about our lives.

The level of detail can be mind-boggling, most people can’t even fathom what google knows about us all.

This much insight of our personalities and behaviors, it could destroy democracy in the world.

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Podcast Keynotes:

3 ways to prove that Google is manipulating election votes:

  1. Subliminal manipulation through the Google search bar suggestions… and what is the impact on human psychology?
  2. Top search results on Google – are they really favoring one party over another?
  3. The dark side of changing Google’s logo to the “Go-Vote” logo in the 2016 election.

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